Dear students,

Welcome to ITCS251 and I hope that you’ll find it to be a fun and happy summer session. I’ll use this page to keep you updated with course issues and to make it a repository of the course materials.

My name is Hesham al-Ammal and I’ll be your instructor during the summer. You can reach me at hesham at itc dot uob dot bh.

Here’s a tentative course plan ITCS251Summer2009-2010 Course Outline-version4


  • Announcement 1: Quiz 1 on sections 1.1 and 1.2 on Monday 19th of July 2010, in class.
  • Announcement 2: Midterm 1 was moved to Wednesday 21st of July at 1:30pm in hall S50.
  • Announcement 3: Here’s a solution to a problem that was posed by a student to me during the weekend. I thank her for a most interesting problem. I’m sure there’s a more elegant solution, but this is the one I came up with. Exercise1
  • Here’s a sample of an old final exam itcs251sample
  • Also, here’s the solutions to Homework 7, done by Dr. Ali Khan itcs251-hw7-solutions
  • Sessional (Quiz+Midterms) grades are posted here itcs251-summer-0910-all-version1 . Please check your grades and let me know by the date of the final if there are any problems.
  • Good luck with your finals. Hope the course was fun! 🙂

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