Dear ITCS 101 section 6 students. Welcome to ITCS101. Here are some resources that you might need during your study of C++ and programming.

Don’t forget that the WebCT website for your assignments submission is

Here are some more information regarding the course.


Here is the two quizes. Please print them with the answer and submit them on papaer. Thanks.

Also New!

Here are the two examples we discussed about arrays.

  1. parallelarrays.cpp
  2. 2darrays.cpp

Quiz Grdaes for section 6.

These are the quiz grades. Please let me know if you have any problems with them by visiting my office or email me at hesham at itc dot uob dot bh.


3 Responses to “ITCS101 Page”

  1. Hatem Says:

    DR.hesham ,,,

    Thanks a lot for these PPT.

    SEcTiOn 6 sTuDEnTS,,

  2. Abdulla Says:

    السلام عليكم
    شخبارك دكتور عساك بخير
    مشكور دكتور على المراجع

  3. Maryam Says:

    thanks aloot Dr for evreything u did 2 us 🙂
    & thanks 4 being such a great teacher 🙂

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