Dear students,

Welcome to ITCS251 and I hope that you’ll find it to be a fun and happy summer session. I’ll use this page to keep you updated with course issues and to make it a repository of the course materials.

My name is Hesham al-Ammal and I’ll be your instructor during the summer. You can reach me at hesham at itc dot uob dot bh.

The course syllabus is available (in pdf format).

Please keep returning to this page for updates.

  • Note1 ( 1/7/2008 )
    Reading is essential. Practicing by solving problems is even more essential. I expect all of you to read the materials before the lecture and to solve all of the practice questions after the lecture.
  • Note2 ( 6/7/2008 )
    The book that we’re going to use in ITCS251 has now been decided. After referring to the bookstore, it seems it will be Rosen 6th edition as indicated in your course outline. You can find copies of Rosen in the Sakheer campus bookstore.
  • Note3 (9/7/2008 )
    Here is the section1.1 notes and exercises for those who didn’t yet get the book.
  • Note4 ( 11/7/2008 )
    Section 1.1 exercises: You don’t have to solve exercises 39-54.
    Section 1.2 exercises: You don’t have to solve exercises 44-61.
    Section 1.3 exercises: You don’t have to solve exercises 46-58.
    Section 1.6 exercises: All.
    Section 4.1 exercises: You don’t have to solve exercises with * or 38-45, 51-79.
  • Note5 ( 14/8/2008 )
    Lecture on Monday 18/8/2008 will be canceled.
  • Note6 ( 14/8/2008 ) (IMPORTANT!)
    Exam 2 was moved to Wednesday 20/8/2008 at 1:45pm in room 15-216.
  • Note7 ( 14/8/2008 )
    Office hour on Tuesday 19/8/2008 from 11am-12am: To answer any questions that you might have for exam 2, I will be in my office (15-312) from 11am.
  • Note8 ( 18/8/2008 )
    There will be classes on Wednesday 20/8/2008 as usual. You can use it to clarify any questions you have before the midterm exam.
  • Note9 ( 19/8/2008 )
    Section 2.1 exercises: You don’t have to solve exercises with *.
    Section 2.2 exercises: You don’t have to solve exercises 40-61.
    Section 8.1 exercises: You don’t have to solve exercises with *.
  • Note10 ( 19/8/2008 )
    There will be quizes as we agreed in class on Wednesday 20/8/2008.
  • Note 11 ( 22/8/2008 )
    Here are your grades for the two midterms and quizes. I’ll post the quiz grades also here tomorrow because I left them at the office. If you want your midterm papers then you can catch me tomorrow in room 112 from 8:30-10:30, or in the office (15-312) from 10:30-11am.
  • Note 12 ( 24/8/2008 )
    Here’s the key answer for itcs251mt2.

5 Responses to “ITCS251 Summer Page 2008”

  1. Fatima Says:

    how about section 2.1 , 2.2 and 8.1 , ps , there will be Quiz 2moro ?

  2. heshaaam Says:

    Please see notes 9 and 10.

  3. Hussain Says:

    thanx, but how about quizzes?

  4. heshaaam Says:

    I’ll post the quiz marks tomorrow. Please read Note 11. I left them in my office.

  5. Fatima Says:

    wut time u gonna be availabe on sunday ?

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