Dear ITCS312 students.

Welcome to the world of theoretical computer science. My name is Hesham al-Ammal and I’ll be your instructor for the course. I hope that you’ll find it as fascinating and fun as I have. This page will be used throughout the semester to display course materials and notes and comments that you or I may have. So feel free to use it and return to it for information.

Course announcements:

  • (9/10/2011) Tomorrow’s lecture will be at 8am (10/10/2011) as usual. The lab assistant will take you through JFLAP and will give you the first lab assignment.
  • Some solutions for problems in section 3.2
  • A solution for Quiz4 question on non-regularity

Here’s a list of selected exercises from the book which I think will be helpful to solve:

  • Section 1.2: 4,5,7,11-15.
  • Section 2.1:1-5,7,9,11-18,20,22.
  • Section 2.2: 2-8,10,12.
  • Section 2.3: 2,3,5,6,11,12.
  • Section 3.1: 1-18 (except 16(d) and 16(e)).
  • Section 3.2: 1-5,8-10,11-13.
  • Section 3.3: 1-7,10-13.
  • Section 4.1: 2,3,6,7.
  • Section 4.3: 3-10,11,13-16.
  • Section 5.1: 2-9,11,13,15-23.
  • Section 5.2: 6-18.
  • Section 6.1: 5-9.
  • Section 6.2: 2-5,10-13.
  • Section 7.1: 1,3-6,10-14.
  • Section 7.2: 3-6. (not included this semester)
  • Section 9.1: 2-7, 8,9,11,12.
  • Section 11.1: 1,2,6.

Please check your grades below and let me know if there are any problems: itcs312-1112a-50percentGrades

I’ll update it later to account for the lab and project marks to reflect the 60%.

Here’s the updated grades for 60% including the project and lab grades: itcs312-1112a-Sessional

Note: Whatever I have of your quiz and midterm papers are available with my secretary Mrs. Salwa Almas.

Latest update of the sessional grades (22/1/2012) itcs312-1112a Update (2)


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