Welcome to the tentative page for ITCS493 Selected Topics in Computer Science – Social Network Analysis.

Instructor: Hesham al-Ammal, Office: s40-2076, Office telephone: 7645

Lecture: MW 8-9:15 in room S40-056

Lab: W 13-14:40 in room S40-2045

Tentative Syllabus: itcs493-syllabus-2nd-1213-tentative



Week 1+2. Introduction

Slides for Weeks 1+2: ITCS493-SNA-Week1and2


Problem 1:


Week 3. Concepts: Complex Networks

Slides: ITCS493-SNA-Week3

Reading: None. But you can read sections 1+2 from Chapter 2 of Easley and Kleinberg.

Problem 2: Think about a problem for your project including the topic and the data.

Week 4. Network Models: Random Graph Model and Preferential Attachment



Term Project. ITCS 493 Selected Topics in CS – Term Project This is the project for this course. Please submit proposals for your idea for discussion in the class by Sat. 23/3/2013.

Midterm 1. Note that midterm 1 will be up to Week 4 materials. Please refer to the reading materials as well as slides.

Project Ideas.

You can have some ideas for projects by looking at the following links:


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